Are girls & boys getting right of choosing soul mates?

A marriage relation should be bound with friendship, love, caring. Everyone in marriage relationship should think about the importance of partner. Only living with partners, spending time with each other is not what the marriage means. Marriage is combination of two souls as a result of which two souls combined and being one.

As in the earlier days, I mean at the age of Ramayana & Mahabharata brides have right to choose their groom. And right of choosing groom by bride is called Swyambar. In this tradition brides have full right to choose groom. But nowadays in country like Nepal parents choose bride and groom for their sons & daughter. As a result of getting married with him/her chosen by parents may or may not be proven as a successful marriage. There is always room for probability of successful marriage and unsuccessful marriage.

I don’t mean to say that decision taken by parents is wrong. As we are living in cultural and traditional country we have to understand the feelings of parents but first preference should be given to the girl and boy as life is theirs.