May a Lot of Nepali Families Join the Union of Marriage – Best Wishes for Hindu New Year Bikram Samvat 2073

On this eve of New Year 2073, the NepaliVivah Team wishes global Hindus who follow Bikram Samvat Calendar and our dear Nepalese people a very prosperous year ahead.

We love to see families becoming happier – happier than ever before. As you step in 2073, let’s pray for the world peace, advancement of Nepali people no matter where they are, the rise of Nepal and of course, more Nepali singles get married!

Reflecting back, Nepal had been hit with a natural disaster. We wish those people would have been able to see this day. However, in the end we have to let God decide what he chooses to do. Once again, we extend our sincere condolences to those families.

For you all singles, you have a day off tomorrow. Utilize your time checking our some potential Jwain and Buhari for your parents.

Happy New Year!

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Bridging the Connection with that Special Nepali Single Who is Waiting Just Right for You

It has indeed been a problem for Nepali singles to find someone to marry. Nepal is more of a small family. We like to marry someone understands our culture well.

Our country is small; so is the population size. That’s why when we live in foreign countries, we find so many young highly qualified people looking to marry but unable to find a bride or groom. Regardless of where we live, Yo ma hamro, Nepali nai ho!, Right?

NepaliVivah acts as the bridge to connect you with someone who is waiting just right for you.

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Is it time for your son or daughter to get married? Enjoy the joy of searching a suitable Nepali bride or groom

Is your son or daughter getting about that age to get married? Marriage is a serious business.

You would need some time to think what exactly you want. Well, to be honest, it is very difficult to find exactly what you want as no human is perfect. You also don’t want who is exactly like you. You cannot live with your own clone. You basically need someone who is compatible with you. Some differences are natural. In fact, you would enjoy those differences.

More than the parents, it is really the children’s future so they need to know what exactly they want. Searching for life partner is really fun and this is exciting. Check out the profiles in NepaliVivah and connect with the ones that you click. Take it from there.


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