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  1. I want who well educated,honest ,lovely,beautiful and kindly for my family that type of girl like a my life partner !

  2. why can’t I login back to my account. Everytime I try to sign in, it redirects to physical appearance page.I had completed all the required fields and right after the completion of registration, the page vanished away and then everytime, I try to login, it see physical appearance page.even when I again fill those gaps in physical appearnce page, it shows internal server error. Even when I click sign up bottion or confirmation link..it redirects to physical appearance page.

    Sanjeev Neupane

  3. I am single girl……I want to some boy who like me n trust my heart……so I want that boy who NVR drink alcohol… N smoke ……someone who always love n care me n my family……we have sis only no brother..

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