What is Rice Planting Festival In Nepal

Rice Planting Day (Dhan Ropne Din) is a Nepali destival that is celebrated every year with the wishe of producing more crops. This is an interesting festival that everyone wants to celebrate. This Festival is also celebrated as Curd & Beaten Rice Eating Day (Dahi Chyura Khane Din).

Nepali visit the Paddy Farm Fields on this day where women plant the rice and men plough the farm. There is always fun on this day. Also there are so many competitions arranged like Running Competition on muddy field, Folk Songs Competition, Folk Dance Competition etc. While planting farmers sing Ashare Geet (Ashare Song) as this is the month of Ashadh in Nepal.

As the Festival is celebrated as one of the most important agriculture practices in Nepal, it is the special day for all the Nepalese.